Rachel Grace is a corporate mindfulness speaker, trainer and emotional intelligence leadership coach. As a consultant, Rachel works with leaders and their teams worldwide in both the public and private sector; empowering professionals to master the soft skills they need to get hard results.

Authenticity that resonates. Expertise that transforms.

With 20-years personal meditation practice, training in psychology, experience in social science research and a powerful knack for communicating complicated concepts in a fun and engaging way, Rachel is proud to be a part of the worldwide movement cultivating more mindfulness and emotional intelligence for higher performance in individuals and organisations.

What makes the keynote presentations, mindfulness training and emotional intelligence coaching with Rachel uniquely valuable is her personal presence, science-based professional expertise and her power for connecting with professionals of all persuasions through her authenticity and engaging storytelling that clearly conveys how mindfulness and emotional intelligence are of practical benefit in real-life challenges at work.

Rachel combines mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience with ease. Through these three disciplines, Rachel's mindfulness training helps participants build the awareness, knowledge and skills to support greater well-being, safety, engagement, collaboration and leadership in the workplace. With Emotional Intelligence coaching, Rachel empowers positive transformation by supporting leaders and their teams to cultivate the specific skills they need to live true to their values and to be highly influential in their work. Whilst Rachel has personally created the curriculum for multiple highly successful speaking, training and coaching programs, she is always willing and able to tailor her foundational curriculum to meet the specific needs of a client, to ensure the examples and practical applications are presented through a lens appropriate to the audience.

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