Coaching: It's not just a chat, it's a skill and tool for empowerment

This 1-day introductory training program is designed for leaders who want to learn the conversational methodologies and practical skills of professional coaching in an efficient way. It is designed to be a brief but effective boot camp in what coaching is, why it’s different from just having a chat and what the specific skills are for having a coaching conversation.
This training equips leaders with the knowledge, understanding and skill to know how to empower their staff to be proactive, innovative, responsible and ultimately highly successful.  


When leaders lack coaching skills they often rely on modelling strong work ethic and solving problems for their team and when this happens, they end up being a bottleneck in productivity because their staff look to them for answers, relying on their leaders’ exceptionally hard work ethic to come to the rescue.

When leaders are struggling to keep up with the workload and they want their team to be empowered to do more independently, coaching is the set of skills that can make that wish a reality.

During this 1-day program leaders will learn:

  • What coaching is, what it isn’t and why it’s different from just having a chat.

  • The theoretical foundations and empirical research underpinning professional coaching.

  • The core skills of a competent coach (as per the International Coaching Federation).

  • How to use an evidence-based coaching framework for formal & informal coaching.

  • How to skilfully transform the problem-focussed conservations staff bring you, into empowering solutions-focussed conversations, that conclude with clear accountabilities for your staff to take action and develop greater responsibility.

By the end of this training, all attendees will be well-informed, capable and confident in using coaching skills to empower their staff.

This training is designed to be engaging, evidence-based and fun - so express your interest to learn the skills that will shift you from being the bottleneck for staff who look to you as the source of power, to a true leader orchestrating the best performance out of your team by empowering them to take charge of their capacity. 

PAX Min pax: 10 per training day, Max pax: 40 per training day

DURATION 8hr training day required.

• Pre- and post-program self-report survey
• Post-event email with links to further Coaching resources
• A training impact report will also be provided to senior management after the program.

LOGISTICS Client responsible for:
• Venue (cabaret style seating & full catering for the day)
• AV (Microphone, projector, speakers, backup laptop)
• Attendance (Invitations & RSVP’s)

INVESTMENT Enquire for pricing.