I offer expertise in Mindfulness  & Emotional Intelligence. I speak, train, coach & consult in these areas to leaders and their teams in organisations. You can view my most popular services below and I invite you to contact me if you have any questions.




Mindfulness: It’s not just hippy fluffy stuff

If you’ve ever longed to bring mindfulness into your work group, but you’ve been unsure about how to deal with cynicism, sceptics, criticism and the questions about the business case and scientific basis for mindfulness, then this highly successful 1-hour introductory presentation on mindfulness will be of value to you.



Professional performance: What's Emotional Intelligence got to do with it?

If you've heard of "Emotional Intelligence" but are not sure exactly what it is, how it works or why it makes a BIG difference for your professional performance, then this talk is for you.
Equally, if you have never heard of Emotional Intelligence but some of the benefits of greater Emotional Intelligence (listed below) look useful to you, then you’ll get value from this talk too.



Bespoke Keynote Presentations

With a proven track record in creating and delivering multiple highly successful keynote presentations, including “Mindfulness: It’s not just hippy-fluffy stuff”, “Professional performance: What's Emotional Intelligence got to do with it?” and “The Power of Saying Yes”, Rachel is capable and comfortable in creating bespoke talks to meet the specific needs of a client.



Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence: Essential Skills

This training is designed to build on the core concepts covered during the 1hr introductory talk: Mindfulness: It’s not just hippy-fluffy stuff. Participants leave this 1 day training with enhanced awareness, knowledge and capacity in Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence which research shows is correlated with resilience and professional performance.



Coaching: It's not just a chat, it's a skill and tool for empowerment

This 1-day introductory training program is designed for leaders who want to learn the conversational methodologies and practical skills of professional coaching in an efficient way. It is designed to be a brief but effective boot camp in what coaching is, why it’s different from just having a chat and what the specific skills are for having a coaching conversation.
This training equips leaders with the knowledge, understanding and skill to know how to empower their staff to be proactive, innovative, responsible and ultimately highly successful.  



Bespoke 1-Day Training Programs

Rachel is capable and comfortable in creating bespoke training days to meet the specific needs of a client.
Areas of expertise that Rachel draws on to generate targeted training packages includes: Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Leadership and Communication.


8-wk Training Program

Practical Mindfulness for Professionals

Practical Mindfulness for Professionals is a foundational mindfulness curriculum that provides a highly engaging education on the science of mindfulness, detailed instruction on how to practice mindfulness and space for honest conversations about how to apply mindfulness in real-life challenges at work. The program duration gives participants time to acquire, apply and integrate new skills and produces gains in all four key domains of Emotional Intelligence (EI): self-awareness; self-management; social awareness & relationship management — all of which are highly correlated with professional performance.


8-wk Training Program

Mind on the Job: Mindfulness Training Program for Safety in the Field

Mind on the Job is a bespoke customisation of the foundational mindfulness curriculum and the training targets how to apply mindfulness in the field for greater safety. Representing one of the first mindfulness-based safety programs worldwide, and developed in conjunction with safety and mindfulness experts internationally, this program is an innovative, evidence-based, application of mindfulness in the workplace.


8-wk Training Program

Resilience in Relationships: Mindfulness for people who work with people

Resilience in Relationships is a bespoke customisation of the foundational mindfulness curriculum. This training targets how to apply mindfulness for greater resilience in difficult interpersonal interactions. Participants will learn how to be less reactive and more responsive towards stakeholders and team members.



Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Executives, Managers and Teams.

Realising potential and making exceptional professional performance sustainable requires a commitment to ongoing personal and professional growth.

Just as elite athletes (and even weekend warriors) recognise that if they want to perform at their best they need the support of a coach to help them maintain a winning mindset, refine skills, and spot opportunities for improvement in their performance, so to do modern leaders and high performers recognise the value of partnering with a professional coach.