Mind on the Job: Mindfulness Training Program for Safety in the Field

Mind on the Job is a bespoke customisation of the foundational mindfulness curriculum and the training targets how to apply mindfulness in the field for greater safety. Representing one of the first mindfulness-based safety programs worldwide, and developed in conjunction with safety and mindfulness experts internationally, this program is an innovative, evidence-based, application of mindfulness in the workplace.


WHO IS IT FOR Field staff and safety professionals seeking to explore and develop mindfulness skills to enhance safety in the field.

PAX Min pax: 9 per training program Max pax: 24 per training program

DURATION 8 weeks

OUTCOMES This training will provide participants with the knowledge and skills for applying mindfulness to keep themselves, others and equipment safe in the field. This training will also connect safety professionals to the emerging field of mindfulness-based safety.

Week 1: Awareness Safety starts with self-awareness
Week 2: Acceptance Training attention to adapt to changes in the moment.
Week 3: Focus Maintaining situational awareness & keeping your attention on the task at hand
Week 4: Observing thoughts Dealing with distracting thoughts
Week 5: Observing emotions How to be less reactive & more responsive
Week 6: Self-compassion Managing mistakes constructively (safety-to-fail).
Week 7: Empathy Creating safety for self & others
Week 8: Gratitude Noticing & acknowledging safe behaviours

• Pre- and post-program self-report survey
• Weekly email with links to curated resources
• Weekly access to guided practice created specifically for this program
• Weekly survey where participants can ask questions & rate the value of the class
• In-person delivery by highly experienced & successful mindfulness trainer
• A training impact report will also be provided to senior management after the program.

LOGISTICS This presentation is best delivered at the start of the work day.
Client responsible for:
• Venue (room booking at workplace, or offsite location for 8-sessions)
• Attendance (Invitations & RSVP’s)

INVESTMENT Enquire for pricing.