Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Executives, Managers and Teams.

Realising potential and sustaining exceptional professional performance requires a commitment to ongoing personal and professional growth.

Just as elite athletes (and even weekend warriors) recognise that to perform at their best they need the support of a coach to maintain a winning mindset, refine skills, and see opportunities for improvement; modern leaders and high performing professionals value partnering with a professional coach.


Bringing together a gift for establishing exceptional rapport, the ICF professionalism of a clear coaching agreement, extensive coaching experience and expertise in the application of four evidence-based coaching approaches (EI, GROW, ACT and ICT), Rachel’s coaching is world class.

Rachel empowers leaders and their teams optimise their professional performance by helping them to articulate clearly who they want to be and what they want to achieve, before supporting them to execute a plan for achieving those aspirations, step-by-step.

In coaching, Rachel offers a supportive environment, characterised by compassionate and courageous challenging and a heartfelt celebration of achievements to be a companion on the journey to achieving exceptional outcomes in work (and life).

Examples of some key questions that leaders answer on the coaching journey with Rachel are:

• Who do I most want to be as a leader?
• What do I want to achieve as a leader (i.e., what is my short-term & long-term goal)?
• Where am I now as a leader?
• How will I get from where I am, to where I want to be as a leader?
• What actions will I take to make positive behaviour change happen?
• How will I be held accountable for taking action?
• How will I monitor and measure progress towards my goal?

The power of professional coaching is in its ability to help leaders become more self-aware, better able to choose a values-based response in the face of challenges, and by providing the accountability and support to keep exceptional individuals moving forward towards their goals.

DURATION Coaching delivered as a program of 8 x 1hr sessions, delivered fortnightly.
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