Bespoke Keynote Presentations

With a proven track record in creating and delivering multiple highly successful keynote presentations, including “Mindfulness: It’s not just hippy-fluffy stuff”, “Professional performance: What's Emotional Intelligence got to do with it?” and “The Power of Saying Yes”, Rachel is capable and comfortable in creating bespoke talks to meet the specific needs of a client.


The audiences that Rachel resonates most strongly with are professional audiences who aspire to be outstanding in their performance and who are willing to work on themselves to lead from the inside-out in order to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Areas of expertise that Rachel can speak on for you include:

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Neuroscience

  • Leadership

  • Communication

Examples of Bespoke Keynote Presentation Topics:

  • Transforming team culture from toxic to high performance.

  • Aligning current behaviour with your deep personal values in the work context right now.

  • The meaning, practice and power of leading from the inside-out.

  • Tricky conversations and being tactful and tactical in critical moments.

WHO IS IT FOR All staff

PAX Min pax: 16 Max pax: 2500


LOGISTICS This presentation is best delivered at the start of the work day.
Client responsible for:
• Venue (suitable for mindfulness, theatre style seating is preferrable)
• AV (Microphone, projector, speakers, backup laptop)
• Attendance (Invitations & RSVP’s)

INVESTMENT Enquire for pricing.