Professional performance: What's Emotional Intelligence got to do with it?

If you've heard of "Emotional Intelligence" but are not sure exactly what it is, how it works or why it makes a BIG difference for your professional performance, then this talk is for you.
Equally, if you have never heard of Emotional Intelligence but some of the benefits of greater Emotional Intelligence (listed below) look useful to you, then you’ll get value from this talk too.


According to the world’s leading authority, Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence is a global term referring to a collection of 12 competencies. These competencies, which include: self-awareness, emotional self-control, positive outlook and empathy, can all be developed using evidence-based practices and as they develop, research shows, it optimises our ability to:

  • Lead others by being highly influential.

  • Empowering others through coaching and mentoring.

  • Resolving conflict effectively and efficiently.

  • Leading and contributing to harmonious team collaboration.

  • Inspiring others to be proactive and take action for positive change.

During this informative 90-minute presentation you will:

  • Learn what Emotional Intelligence actually is.

  • Learn the history and science behind Emotional Intelligence.

  • Identify for yourself the impact of High and Low Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

  • Evaluate your own Emotional Intelligence by rating yourself on the 12 competencies & identify the areas you need to target to optimise your professional performance.

  • Explore real-life case studies which clearly demonstrate the significant negative impact on business outcomes when a workplace culture is characterised by widespread low levels of Emotional Intelligence.

  • Learn which 3 Emotional Intelligence competencies to target for highest leverage impact.

  • Learn how to develop the top 3 Emotional Intelligence competencies.

  • Practice an evidence-based tool for enhancing  Emotional Intelligence which you can share with others to start leading the way in developing greater Emotional Intelligence amongst your team.

By the end of this presentation, all attendees will be able to answer this question, meaningfully: “Why developing my Emotional Intelligence would make a difference to my professional performance?” And even better, they will know exactly what they can do about it!

This talk is designed to be empowering, engaging, evidence-based and fun - so express your interest to get a pathway for skills development that will help you to realise your potential.

WHO IS IT FOR All staff

PAX Min pax: 10 Max pax: 100

DURATION 90 minutes

LOGISTICS This presentation is best delivered at the start of the work day.
Client responsible for:
• Venue (boardroom for small groups, theatre style for larger groups)
• AV (Microphone, projector, speakers, backup laptop)
• Attendance (Invitations & RSVP’s)

INVESTMENT Enquire for pricing.