ARTICLE: Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Which Do You Need to Work On? By Daniel Goleman and Richard E. Boyatzis

Emotional Intelligence is vital for leaders & it can be developed with Mentoring in Neuro-Agility. I came across this briliant article in the Harzard Business Review, in their 'Difficult Conversations' category. 

Check it out:

Let me hook you in with the first paragraph from the article...
"Esther is a well-liked manager of a small team. Kind and respectful, she is sensitive to the needs of others. She is a problem solver; she tends to see setbacks as opportunities. She’s always engaged and is a source of calm to her colleagues. Her manager feels lucky to have such an easy direct report to work with and often compliments Esther on her high levels of emotional intelligence, or EI. And Esther indeed counts EI as one of her strengths; she’s grateful for at least one thing she doesn’t have to work on as part of her leadership development. It’s strange, though — even with her positive outlook, Esther is starting to feel stuck in her career. She just hasn’t been able to demonstrate the kind of performance her company is looking for. So much for emotional intelligence, she’s starting to think."

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